Don't Download This Song

Don't Download This song was the first game ever released by me on to a platform such as Gamejolt, Newgrounds, and Looking back, it probably wasn't THAT good, and could have used a bit more work before release. The premise is about a man who is chased down by an Anti-Piracy group after downloading an album illegaly. In order to stop this, you have the deliver the money personally to the man you stole the album from.

The game is not very long, and can be beaten in less than 10 minutes to be very honest. It was made using the Godot Engine, an open-source game engine using a Python (basically Python at this point :)) type language. I had known Python a good while prior, and it wasn't that hard to understand the langauge. Understanding the engine was a whole different story. You can download the gamehere at GameJolt. You can download the game right here on the website.

Coming Soon From Gigamute

Hungry King

Hungry King is a simple arcade game where you try to pick up food falling from the sky. You do this to feed a very fat, and hungry king who will execute you if you don't give him his food on time. You have to avoid the healthy food, and DEFINTETLY avoid rotten food, as they knock you out while thiefs steal your food. You can also use some food as projectiles to destroy the food you don't want to catch. Sounds like a lot of food right? There are a dozen different random locations, and the speed at which objects fall may vary.

The game is made using Love2D, a framework made to make 2D video games using the Lua language.

It will be avalible on Newgrounds, PC, Nintendo 3DS, and possibly Nintendo DS.