Hi there! Somehow, you've found you're way into MY website. You might think this is a company or something. It isn't (Wish it was so I couldn't get sued). I am one person making games and software from a shitty apartment somewhere in the United States. Don't really have anything much to add, other than the fact that I stan for pizza, except bad pizza.

Games Finished

So far, I have made a couple of games, some are nowehere to be found, and others can be found right here on this very page! The first game I made was back in 2015 with a game engine called Construct Classic. It was called Bacteria Wars, and it was made as a school project. The second game I made was a game called Pete In The House.

Don't Download This Song

A young man decides to pirate a popular album on an equally popular music downloaidng software. Soon after, he's being followed by the APC. The only way to escape their wrath is to